10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Cycling


Apart from being among the excellent ways to improve your fitness generally, cycling has a whole lot of additional advantages. It will tone the entire body muscles and at the same time, give you breath of fresh air when out there cycling. Everyone likes the idea of saving a penny. Cycling will save you quite an amount of money that you won’t imagine! However, you need to consider a few tips that will take you there. Keep reading to find out exactly how.

Pamper That Bike

Learn to love your bike so that it will love you right back. The basics include regular cleaning of the bike and lubing the necessary parts. Others are for instance ensuring the bolts are well tightened. These will improve the functioning of the bike which will help you ride strong and happy. In other words it will lengthen the life span of the bike, since it can function effectively without frequent break downs that call for expensive major repairs.

Do Minor Repairs by Yourself

Find fun in doing self bike maintenance as opposed to leaving all the work to the repair shops. Only hand it over for major repairs and this will cut on the general maintenance costs.  This further creates a ‘relationship’ between you and your bike. You are always in a position to figure out when something is wrong. Learn the basics and make it a habit to fix your bike.

Make Use of the Attires You Have

You don’t have to always purchase a new set of riding gear with a change in the season.  Be creative. For instance, check out for the cold weather clothing that can double up as your winter riding gear with a few adjustments here and there. You can always work out something, be it on summer or even on arctic days.

Look Out For In Sales And Out Of Season

Adopt the habit to look out for the period when prices are likely to go down.  Consider this, you want to buy a bike may be sometimes in the year, wait till later in the year when next year’s ‘bikes are the in thing. At this time the probability of having discounts on this year’s models is quite high. This is because dealers will want to clear the stock to pave way for the new models.  You will get excellent value for your money.  This will also apply while acquiring new accessories and even riding apparel. Buy your summer attire during the winter and vice versa. Follow this golden tip and save a substantial amount t of cash. The rule is simply keeping your eyes open!


Some of the parts of a bike can be recycled even after they are damaged. Don’t be in a rush to dispose parts such as the tube which can make a good chain stay protector. Its strips can still double up as lining for the hooks of the bike. Use them and save the money you would have used to purchase new lining.

Install Mudguards

This is especially when cycling during the winter. Fix the cleaner and drier too. The reason behind this is so as to cut down on the dirt that makes its way up the drive train. This will protect it from quick wear and tear as well as keeping it cleaner.

Invest In Lock

The reason is quite obvious! To keep your bike safe and therefore you can use it for a longer period of time. Don’t just buy a lock; make sure to use it anytime you leave your bike unattended to. Otherwise, the discussion on saving money on cycling won’t make much sense, if you have to replace your bike every now and then.

Consider Insuring Your Bike

This might not be considered as among the basics in saving tips but it could save you quite a lump sum in the long run. Imagine not having to replace your bike anytime you lose it or when it breaks down. This is exactly where insurance policy will then come in. The advantage is the convenience of not having to interrupt your schedule due to the loss or break down. There is certainty of continued normal operations of a cyclist without having to spend money that was not part of the budget to do replacements.

Use Proper Apparel

This simply means, use the right kit for every ride. This will depend on the distance within which you ride, and where you ride. The right attire and accessories will work well with your bike. This then will reduce wear and tear on say your shoes or gloves and at the same will help you ride faster. Look out for the attire that won’t easily get messy and smelly. This means you can use it more frequently without having to get another one every now and then.

Make Necessary Upgrades Only

Fix and stick to your budget. You don’t have to upgrade your bike, accessories and apparel every now and then. Rule of the thumb is always making sure that you treat them with love so that they remain in perfect condition. Only upgrade when you have to and you will end up saving more.


Follow the above pointers and maintain your cycling schedule as your account shines brighter with reduced expenses. However, don’t forget that as always the rule towards strong rides is proper diet. Don’t ride too much as this will skyrocket your appetite but don’t starve yourself either. This will definitely leave you weak and you won’t be able to ride and keep on saving money.


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